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Ed Cholakian - All About Ed!
Ed Cholakian @ his Famous Desk - 1968

Ed Cholakian started his business with a love and passion for Cadillacs which is still strong today.  In fact he still has the same name plate as pictured above on his desk today.  In the following pages you can see and read some of the amazing history of Ed Cholakian.  Enjoy..................




Self-Starter Magazine ArticleSelf-Starter Magazine ArticleCheck out this great article about Ed in the Cadillac LaSalle Club Self-Starter Magazine - June 2002.
Hemmings AdHemmings AdAll Cadillacs of the 40's & 50's Ad in Hemmings Magazine
Ed's PlaneEd's PlaneHow Ed Got Around.........
Ed Cholakian Enterprises AdsEd Cholakian Enterprises AdsSome of Ed's Old Ad's.........
Ed & Mario AndrettiEd & Mario AndrettiEd with Mario Andretti featured in ad about upcoming Sema Show in 1965.
Ed - Manager of AAMAEd - Manager of AAMAArticle of Ed once again being General Manager of the AAMA
Ed's AwardsEd's AwardsEd has received so many awards for just about everything!
Ed's DragstersEd's DragstersCheck out Ed's Drag Cars!
Articles About EdArticles About EdSome Great Articles about Ed Cholakian's Success!
Ed's Cadillac AuctionEd's Cadillac AuctionEd's Cadillac Auction - May 1997
Ed's AwardsJust some of the Awards Ed Cholakian has received!
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