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Our Customers Cars

Our customers are our pride and joy and  our customers pride and joy our their cars.  We are proud to display your treasures here.  Just email them to us -at  webmaster@allcads.com with a description and your name. 

Miss Lynda
My 59 Caddy from the “Back to the Bricks” cruise in Downtown Flint Michigan. Frank
Franc's 1955 Cadillac Hearse

I'am happy to mail you pictures of my 1955 Superior Hearse and my 
1942 series 7533 Limo (inside and outside)
Both cars are still in use in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
At the moment I'am restoring a 1942 series 6106, a 1948 series 7533X 
and a 1955 series 62

Hope to mail you pictures when these car's are ready.

Maybe one day I'll see them on your website/customer cars (I picked 
up some parts for the 6109 last year in CA)

thanks, franc

Franc's 1942 Limo
Franc's 1942 Limo Interior


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